This is the first post of my new blog. I’ve written things on the internet since the mid-1990’s. I was the first person I knew who had an internet connection. At the time I had an e-mail address (supplied by the now defunct Bournemouth Internet) on my Commodore Amiga but didn’t know anyone else who had e-mail address for me to send a message to.

How things have changed!

Back then there were web browsers (Netscape and a truly awful Amiga browser that I can’t recall the name of at the moment) but things were so new on the internet that there were other fledgling protocols to try out. No Google, so not easy to find things to read (not that there was much out there at the time).

I created my first web page around this time, experimenting with the relatively new Hypertext Markup Language. Little did I know at the time that by the end of the following decade I’d be working full time for myself using that language (and many derivatives of it) every day from my home office.

Although I’ve written plenty of things in the past I’m undecided at the time of writing this if I will trawl through old databases (and some hard coded files) to retrieve the text and add the posts to this blog. I may do, in which case this will no longer be the first entry. That may be more confusion than I can handle at the moment so I’ll sign off there. If you want to know more about me then please click the “About me” menu item somewhere on this page.