New Mac Pro imminent


Next Tuesday Apple are holding their annual iPad event in San Francisco. The iPad 5 will be unveiled (probably) as well as a likely revision to the iPad mini. However it’s other news from that event that is of most Interest to me.

it’s now Autumn which any quick glance out of the window of late will confirm (although I have to confess that it’s been quite pleasant walking the dog during the day recently, even if it’s starting to get dark much earlier). Autumn is the time that Apple announced recently would be when the new Mac Pro is finally released into the wild.

Unsurprisingly, the tech forums have been full of discussions about when Autumn starts and (perhaps more importantly) when it finishes. Let’s not get too wrapped up in all that, though. Suffice to say that Autumn is very much with us and even a worst case scenario means that the Mac Pro can only be a short wait away.

A couple of weeks ago rumours started circulating that Apple would hold their iPad event on October 22 and last week it was confirmed by The Loop’s always reliable Jim Dalrymple. True to form, the actual invitations for the event were sent out last Tuesday, a week before.

The invitation simply states “We still have a lot to cover” and contains colourful leaf shaped images that adopt the styling of part of the Apple logo (which itself is in the foreground).

Apple often use slightly cryptic clues in their invitations so taking it at face value may be a mistake, however on this occasion it may very well be just that – they have a lot to talk about. Not only the aforementioned new iPads (which are a given) but also the imminent release of the new version of Mac OS X “Mavericks” and, of course, our desperately awaited new Mac Pro.

There’s an outside chance that updated MacBook Pros could be announced, but the bet guesses are for iPads, Mavericks and the Mac Pro. Which suits me just fine.

Another rumour this week, this time from a less reliable source, is pinning the release of the Mac Pro on 15 November. This may be true, as I could see the announcements on the 22 October leading to iPad availability some time within the following week (say by the 29th) with Mavericks out in early November and the Pro following after that.

From a marketing perspective it makes sense to launch all these headline grabbing products on different days thereby increasing Apple’s chances of getting exposure on the web and in the press. Annoying for those of us waiting for one of the products that’s held back, but that’s just the way it is.

On the positive side, there is FINALLY light at the end of the tunnel and for once in the world of the Pro Apple user it isn’t an express train sized dose of disappointment coming in the opposite direction. Bring it on!