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The new Mac Pro is here

Computer February 2014In my last post I wrote that my new Mac Pro had finally left Austin, Texas some 41 days after ordering it and was due to arrive on Tuesday 4 February. It’s 2 weeks later now (18 February 2014) so time to report on progress.

The computer was actually delivered a day earlier than anticipated on Monday 3 February. It arrived just before 9.30am but I was so busy that day that I didn’t even open the box until after 5pm. Quite restrained of me, I thought.

After quickly starting the new machine up to check all was OK, I shut it down again and replaced the 12GB of stock RAM with 32GB I’d purchased from Crucial. I’ve read conflicting reports about the best way to upgrade the RAM. The new Mac Pro handles 4 channel memory really well so the argument goes that having 4 RAM sticks is a good thing to do. I went for 2 RAM sticks so that I can add more RAM later on if I need to without having to throw away the sticks I’ve just bought. I’m working on the basis that you can never have enough RAM and what seems like loads now, probably won’t seem so much in a couple of years.

I’m reminded of the famous Bill Gates quote from 1981 “640K ought to be enough RAM for anybody” although he later claimed he never said it.

Setting things up
I used my old Mac Pro for very nearly 7 years as my main computer. Thats quite a lifespan for a piece of tech that’s used for several hours a day most of the week. I’ve never been one for installing lots of rubbish on my system, I just don’t see the point, however over time I’ve inevitably collected a certain amount of faff that I no longer need. It was for this reason that I chose to avoid any kind of automated transfer of my files and manually install/copy what I needed.

Much of this process was, in actual fact, complete already as my data is pretty much all held on my NAS so as far as the computer was concerned it was a case of installing applications only. For this purpose I kept the new machine side-by-side with the old one until Sunday 16 February when it was finally time to shut down the old cheese grater for the last time. For that 2 week period I set up my old Dell monitor and a keyboard to use on the old machine, but now that’s gone, the Dell is being used as a second monitor for my new machine (as you can see in the photo above).

The biggest change – apart from the massive speed increase of the new Mac Pro – is having OS X Mavericks as my main operating system. My old machine was stuck on Lion so the move to Mavericks (on my new Mac Pro and my MacBook Pro) brings me right up to date. Mavericks has enabled me to use my second monitor as multiple monitor support on pre-Mavericks versions of OS X was flawed.

I just wanted to post that the new machine was here. I’ll post more details in the future about the Mac Pro itself and how its shaping up. Watch this space!