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World War One – 100 years on

It’s 100 years to the day that Britain joined the First World War, or the Great War as it was called then. 

By Britain joining, it brought with her the British Empire and amongst the Commonwealth soldiers were my grandfather and his two brothers, my great Uncles.

This evening, along with many other people, I will turn out my lights at 10pm and place a candle (well, a candle app on my iPad to be precise) in my window for an hour.

My grandfather survived the conflict, which is how come I’m able to write this blog post.

His brothers weren’t so lucky – they both died during the Battle of The Somme. One in July at Delville Wood and one at the other end of that battle in October near Thiepval.

Tonight I, like so many others around the world, remember our fallen relatives and the sacrifices they made.