Monthly Archives: June 2017

My office revamp. The big cable untangle!

My home office has had more or less the same layout since I first moved into my current home in 2009. Sure, I’ve altered things here and there and slopped a new colour of paint on the walls every so often but the basic layout has pretty much stayed the same.

Until now.

As a project for the remainder of 2017, I’m going to revamp my home office and bring it in to the 21st century. I’ll be replacing the radiator and will have a bright new colour scheme, however the headline change here is the introduction of a rack cabinet.

Racks are more usually found in Data Centres and are in use there because they enable many servers to be stacked in the most space saving way possible along with tidy and organised cable and power management. I’m going to use the same philosophy for my home office. By introducing a rack I’ll be able to put the vast majority of my equipment in one space and greatly enhance my power and cable routing.

The video above talks briefly about my plans and shows the extent of the problem I’m hoping to overcome: lots of disorganised cables and equipment dotted all over my office; some – like my NAS – not in the ideal location!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I seek out a UPS, rack mounted switch, PDU’s and the like and re-organise my space to be much more efficient. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when part 2 goes live and let me know what you think!