About me


My name is Andy Clayton and I live on the south coast of England. I’m a full time self employed web developer using various web technologies through my business Triple W Design.

I’m also an experienced app developer and have created a number of apps for customers for iOS, Android and macOS.

My business also provides print services, such as leaflets, banners and business cards.

When I’m not doing that I enjoy playing the alto saxophone. As an adult learner I don’t often take exams by choice, however the last exam I took was in Summer 2013 when I passed my Grade 6.

In Spring 2018 I took up running using the excellent “Couch To 5K” programme. I vlogged weekly during this time and you can read and watch how I got on on this web site. I now venture out three times a week as I transition from a novice runner to someone who can vaguely put one foot infront of another at a reasonably fast pace.

I’m married with 2 dogs and enjoy training them (the dogs, not the wife).

After running a web site under the “Clayton Family” identity from the late 1990’s for over a decade, I decided to “rebrand” my personal web site in the form of a blog into which I write thoughts on topics such as computing, technology, entertainment, sport, music and anything else that I fancy waffling about. This blog was launched in its current format in July 2013.

You can also find me on Twitter @andyclayton, Instagram @andyjwclayton and can add me on SnapChat here. You can read some of my articles on Medium.com – find my profile and follow me here.

Finally on the social media front, I also have my own YouTube channel that directly supports the content on this site. You can find that here.

Thanks for visiting. Please spread the word about where to find these pages and feel free to comment on anything I’ve written in the area below each post or, if it has one, on the accompanying video page on YouTube.

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Thanks for visiting my site. You’re very welcome!