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My first VLOG

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while is to VLOG as well as BLOG and this is my first attempt at the former.

I originally wanted to start my VLOG some time ago, however my iPhone 5s had a fault that meant that audio wouldn’t record when using the front facing “FaceTime” camera – the ideal one for VLOGing purposes.

My new iPhone 6s Plus, however, is fully working (I should hope so, I’ve only owned it for 3 weeks!) so I can now give VLOGing a go!

The above video was recorded during the first couple of weeks that I had my new iPhone and covers various subjects – a new bluetooth remote camera activation tool, a selfie stick, backing up my NAS to an external USB 3 hard drive and, most important of all these days, a look inside my fridge! You know it makes sense.

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3D Touch on the iPhone 6s

One of the new features of the iPhone 6s is 3D Touch, a new technology that enables the device to not only detect traditional swipes and taps, but also presses into the screen.

The iPhone 6s can not only detect a forceful push on the display – it can also determine how hard you’re pushing it. That’s why Apple have called it 3D Touch – it takes interaction with our mobile devices quite literally into a new dimension.

The best way to demonstrate this new innovation is to show it in action, so please watch my latest video (above) to see it in action!

When I first heard about 3D Touch I thought it might be a bit of a gimmick, however I’m already finding that I use it every day – it really is rather useful.

This is only the beginning, as developers come up with ingenious ways to act on pushes “into” the screen we’ll no doubt begin to see all sorts of interesting new uses for this technology.

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Does anybody want to sell me an iPhone 5s business contract?

Having decided to upgrade my now ancient out of contract iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5s, I recently made contact with my existing mobile phone provider O2 and also the Orange/T-Mobile combined effort “Everything Everywhere” (not entirely sure that name’s got legs, but perhaps that’s just me). 

O2 are coming out on top at the moment for customer service, with my local O2 shop in Christchurch being pretty attentive, even if they say they can’t get me an iPhone 5s for several weeks. I don’t have an EE shop anywhere close to me, so I’ve had to deal with them on-line. The first thing I did was to fill in an on-line form indicating my interest in the (at the time) forthcoming new iPhone.

As far as both O2 and EE are concerned I’m a business customer. My current mobile is on a consumer tariff, but in order to claim my mobile use as a legitimate business expense I need to have the phone in my company name and on a business contract. I use the device almost exclusively for business purposes so this seems like a sensible change to make.

I was telephoned a couple of days later and advised by the EE salesperson that I can’t pre-order the new iPhone (tell me something I don’t know) and she’d call me back on Friday. By Friday afternoon, with the internet full of reports of disappearing iPhone 5s stock I decided to call them instead. I was told that the person who’d called me is busy and would phone me back.

She didn’t.

I eventually received an e-mail from her indicating that she was too busy to phone and could she call me on Saturday? I had a busy day planned, but said that 10-ish would be fine. I also emailed my mobile number so she could reach me if she couldn’t do 10 o’clock and I was out.

She didn’t call. All day. And meanwhile all stocks of iPhone 5s’ have gone and so has all future supplies for the foreseeable future.


Needless to say, I’m pretty annoyed that EE didn’t call me when they said they would. I want to ask them about tariff sharing which may be something that they don’t do in which case I may stick with O2. Or I might not. But I need all the information before I can make a decision about which way to jump.

I tweeted my frustrations on Saturday evening and on Sunday evening I received a tweet from EE asking if I’d managed to get in contact. Strange, because my tweet had indicated that I was waiting for them to call me. I stupidly expected EE to know how the process of initiating a telephone call works. Maybe that’s why they haven’t called me? Perhaps they think that making a phone call to someone means that they have to call you.

Apart from the outstanding question of tariff sharing, my other reason for not wanting to rule out EE just yet is that the O2 signal around these parts isn’t great; particularly indoors. The coverage maps show that EE *should* be better, but those maps are far from accurate so I could yet end up being disappointed if I move to them.

Whatever happens now, I’ll be waiting some time for an iPhone 5s and considerably longer than I would’ve had EE kept their word.


UPDATE 2 October 2013

I’m pleased to report that EE got back to me early the week after the iPhone 5s launched and I received my Space Grey 5s on Wednesday 25 September. I’ll post more about the new device shortly.