An introduction to the Apple TV 4

The Apple TV 4 has recently launched and I’ve got my hands on one to review.

In this video I compare the specs of the new hardware with the Apple TV 3 and take a look at the new unit’s operating system: tvOS. I show installing an app, searching with the on-screen keyboard and built in voice command and briefly show Netflix and Plex apps in use.

Finally I sum up what I think of the Apple TV 4 and whether you should think about purchasing one.

I hope you enjoy the content. Please give it a thumbs up and, if you enjoyed the video, I’d be delighted if you subscribed to my channel.

Thanks for watching!

My first VLOG

November 3, 2015

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while is to VLOG as well as BLOG and this is my first attempt at the former. I originally wanted to start my VLOG some time ago, however my iPhone 5s had a fault that meant that audio wouldn’t record when using the front facing “FaceTime” camera – […]

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3D Touch on the iPhone 6s

October 24, 2015

One of the new features of the iPhone 6s is 3D Touch, a new technology that enables the device to not only detect traditional swipes and taps, but also presses into the screen. The iPhone 6s can not only detect a forceful push on the display – it can also determine how hard you’re pushing […]

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Comparing the iPhone 4, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s Plus

October 17, 2015

Here’s a new video on my new YouTube channel I’ve started up to support my blog. There’s not much to write about as it’s all in the visuals! The video compares and contrasts three iPhones: the iPhone 4 (released in June 2010), the iPhone 5s (released in September 2013) and finally the newest of the […]

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Adding a monitor arm to my desk setup

October 10, 2015

This week I added a new monitor arm to my desk setup. In this blog (and accompanying video) I describe why I chose the particular arm I went for and how I found using it since installing. I’ve had a computer for years. So I’ve had different monitors for years too. I’ve never had an […]

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First YouTube post

September 30, 2015

To help support my text blog (and perhaps make me update it a bit more often) I’m going to occasionally upload a video to support what I’m banging on about. Let’s be honest, I’m not the most photogenic of individuals so I imagine most videos will involve me standing behind the camera so that you get […]

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Netflix has got me!

May 19, 2015

Recently a new channel from Channel 5 launched on Freesat called Spike. It’s a stupid name for a TV channel, however television executives live on a different planet to the rest of us so I’ll let that one go. The only thing I can see worth watching on Spike is Breaking Bad. I’d heard of the programme (who […]

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LG 31MU97 4K monitor

April 15, 2015

Ever since I bought my new cylindrical Mac Pro just over a year ago, I’ve wanted a retina display to plug in to it. That time has finally come as I’ve purchased an LG 31MU97 31″ true 4K monitor. A “retina” display is one that has so many pixels that you can’t see them. Most […]

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Working standing up

December 29, 2014

For several months now I’ve been working at my desk standing up. Actually, that’s not quite right as I haven’t been standing constantly for months, there are times when I lie down (at night for example in bed) and I do sit down in the evening… but you know what I mean! I was first […]

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